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Reachout Wireless is planning to stop providing service in your area soon, subject to regulatory approval. To keep lifeline service and the same number, contact another provider such as SafeLink, Assurance Wireless or Budget Mobile.


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NEXUS COMMUNICATIONS/REACHOUT WIRELESS. is proud to announce that it has been chosen by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to participate in the FCC.s Broadband Lifeline Pilot to advance broadband adoption. REACHOUT WIRELESS. has begun to offer discounted Broadband Service to Lifeline eligible subscribers. Up until now, the Lifeline program has been limited to providing discounts only on landline or wireless phone services for qualifying low-income consumers.

REACHOUT WIRELESS.. Broadband Lifeline Pilot Project will study the effects of varying subsidy amounts, usage limits and access to digital literacy in certain areas of Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Nevada, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Jersey.

REACHOUT WIRELESS.. participation in the FCC's Broadband Lifeline Pilot project affirms our commitment to ensuring all Americans, including low-income consumers, have equal access to Broadband Internet service. In ensuring that affordable access to telecommunications and information services are available to all, we will help low-income households obtain employment and increase educational opportunities to ultimately meet the challenges of solidifying our economy.s continued growth.

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